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Bollé – React For Good In 2022


With the new 2022/23 winter collection, Bollé opens a new chapter in its approach to building sustainable products. The company is proud to present its first step into sustainably sourced winter gear with the launch of the ECO ATMOS, a new in-mold helmet made with eco-friendly material, and the new ECO BLANCA goggle, that is made with 44 percent recycled and bio-based materials. The move to more sustainable products is the brand’s natural response to meet the needs of avid skiers who want to do their part for the planet. Highlights of the new collection including the new HERITAGE COLLECTION are below.



Eco Blanca

Bollé is bringing sustainability and technology together for the 2022/23 winter season with the launch of the new Eco Blanca, a slimmer performance-driven, yet fashion-forward women’s google that is made with 44 percent recycled and bio-based materials. The Eco Blanca also includes Bollé’s new High Contrast lens; Volt, which was developed using Artificial Intelligence to examine 4 million light combinations to create the perfect high-contrast lens.

The Eco Blanca features a cylindrical shape for a greater field of view, double lens, triple-layer face foam with fleece for added comfort and lens vents to reduce fogging. Its trendy design allows women to combine performance with fashion.



Torus Neo

Following the successful introduction of the Torus, Bollé is introducing the Torus Neo for the 22/23 ski season which features Bollé’s eye-latch removable lens technology. The Torus Neo is Bollé’s most premium model and comes with the top-of-the-line Phantom lens range as well as Volt lenses for an unsurpassed visual experience. Highlights include a toric lens shape and Bollé’s eye-latch 2.0 system along with 7 Neodynium magnetics which allows for an easy but secure lens change.




Bollé is taking their time machine way back to the 1990’s to relaunch some vintage favorites. The new heritage collection features an updated Chronoshield and revamped aesthetics on three goggles: Torus, Mammoth, and the new Blanca. This collection reflects an iconic era for Bollé but with all the improvements of Bollé’s modern-day technology.





Bollé continues to expand its sustainable story into its helmet collection, with the new Eco ATMOS, a new in-mold helmet made with eco-friendly materials that provides comfort with materials that are less harmful for the environment. More than 25 percent of the helmet is made with recycled or bio-based materials.

The ECO Atmos features; eight active ventilation vents, removable and washable recycled lycra lining, goggle vents to reduce fogging, 3D earpads, a click-to-fit system, air extractor channels for cooling and avid progressive EPS for safety.

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