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Le Kevin Logo Pendant

LE KEVIN Wood is the new optical lifestyle collection of funky eyeglasses holders aimed at a niche upmarket optical audience with a sense of caprice. Whimsically handcrafted in cultured refined Tabu Wood in Hungary it is a 6 series colorful collection of playful two-tone wooden shapes in warm pastel tones that attaches to a silver Belcher chain.  Each wood style has silver push catches on either side grooved into the wood that hooks on to silver chains. The push catches are detachable which means the customers can purchase and interchange one chain to work with more than one style.

LE KEVIN Wood styles consist of three unique and timely holiday-themed creations that will add color to any optical wardrobe and add to any optical shop’s bottom line.

The first is called Love. Love wood pendants are heart-shaped optical holder pendants available in a variety of wonderful colors presented in authentic coordinating wooden boxes.


Le Kevin Love Pendant

Kevin Magic is an eyeglass holder on an elastic band to hang your glasses from the rearview car mirror with an internal foam sponge that doubles up as a luxury car air freshener.


KMagic with box


Kevin Magic

We don’t want you to lose your car keys or your glasses so LE KEVIN Wood completes with Kevin Lucky Charm – a two-ring keyring [with the added option of threading a chain at the top if you want to switch to wearing it as a necklace.]


Le Kevin KLucky

Check out these wonderful new holders today on the Le Kevin website.

Original link:https://www.opticaljournal.com/le-kevin-wood/