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SNOB Milano Clip-On Collection


This is a mature, thoughtful, and extensive collection from SNOB Milano.  The collection consists of ten new frames with magnetic clip-on sunglasses, the brand’s hallmark, which plays with combinations of materials, shades, transparencies, and matte tones without ever taking themselves too seriously, in the spirit of the brand, to which two limited and numbered editions have been added, to celebrate an important anniversary.

Design, research, and experimentation are the features of this brand that has distinguished itself since its debut as a creative force and a forerunner in high-impact trends, with a strong component of irony and irreverence, starting with the name of the brand itself. SNOB Milano ironically refers to the Milan social scene of the 80s. A little snobbish and glamorous, it’s true, but definitely irresistible. This is also reflected in the names of the individual models such as Crasto, Gran Fioeu, Barroso, or Lillo – just to mention the last few in order of appearance.


Snob Milano Contessa with clip-on


Snob Milano Glam with clip-on


Snob Milano Crasto with clip-on

95 items and a whole raft of innovations are features of the new collection which, as always, is based on our exclusive partnership with ZEISS Sunlens for clip-on sunglasses, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality.

Color continues to be a focal point of the entire range, but the real novelty of the season is our experimentation with new materials that we have combined with the traditional plastic frames.


Snob Milano Golpa with clip-on


Snob Milano Barroso with clip-on


Snob Milano Ravizza with clip-on

Metal. “Glamorous” is the adjective that best describes the new Contessa model. Its metal frame with tinted lacquer on the front and detailed touches is perfectly in keeping with the latest trends. One variation of this model has a reflective rhinestone clip-on that catches the eye at first glance. Golpa is a very contemporary and feminine design, a square frame with a light cat-eye effect in acetate that changes color chameleon-like, according to the different ways it interacts with the metallic gold of the frame: sensual in the black or red versions, delicate in pink, modern in green…

Barroso and Ravizza are the new men’s models with metal frames and clips: traditional shapes, the first in the aviator style, the second lightly geometric, but with small stylistic and colorful features that make them very contemporary.

Plastic. The flagships of the new plastic offerings are the new models for women, Gloria, Glam, and Virgola. They stand out by virtue of their strong personality, a product of the extremely refined design of each model: hexagonal, completely lacquered and laser worked for the Gloria, classic but decidedly bold for Glam, and as delicate as a comma for the Virgola model, as its name suggests.

The Lillo makes a strong impact with its linear shapes and the variety of colors on offer, classic or more daring, to satisfy a wide range of customers. Just like the Crasto, it has a classic square shape featuring a very wide temple and a stronger or lighter character depending on whether the color is opaque or transparent. The Grand Fioeu completes the new offering and is the eyewear with the largest gauge of the entire line.

An exclusive set called Anniversario completes the collection: a tribute that the brand wanted to make to the Sordelli company, the manufacturer and owner of the brand, which is celebrating 100 years of operation this year. For the occasion, SNOB Milano has created two luxurious titanium frames intended for selected stores only.

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