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Maison Lafont Debuts New Creative Upcycling Sunglasses


Creative upcycling, an exclusive concept developed by designer Thomas Lafont, combines eyewear expertise, eco-design, and creativity. Lafont uses materials from their previous collections to create exclusive acetate colors. The brand employs a thermo fusion process to mix 50% vintage colors with 50% new biomaterial, resulting in a unique and vibrant color palette only available through Lafont. All manufacturing processes take place in France.



“Reducing our environmental impact as a company is a fundamental goal,” says CEO Matthieu Lafont. To make it a reality, we have introduced a step-by-step approach. Considering the company’s everyday activities and the design and production of the collection, we are repurposing and recycling and using bio-acetate or castor oil-injected materials.”



The Spring/Summer 2024 collection offers three new sunglass designs with two upcycled color options. Sunglasses – MONACO, OUESSANT, and OCEAN are all available in upcycled colorways.





Maison Lafont, a renowned optical expert, has served customers for over a century. Since 1923 the Lafont optical fashion house has been built on unparalleled expertise with an emphasis on elegance and Parisian chic. Handcrafted in France, Lafont’s distinguishable style offers a collection of over 200 exclusive colors, blending signature tones, patterns, and seasonal hues to add vibrancy to its eyewear.

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