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Tocco Eyewear Beta 100 Eyeglasses


This Spring, Tocco Eyewear and Studio Optyx presented the latest addition to their rimless customizable collection, the Beta 100 eyeglasses. This new release doubles the pieces within the Tocco collection, allowing for seemingly endless combinations as patients create their own custom frames.


Contrasting the metal designs of the Alpha models, the Beta 100 eyeglasses feature an acetate temple with a metal wire core. Available in 24 colors, Beta 100 brings a more playful, colorful feel to the collection, leaning away from their more minimalistic styles. Bold, bright colors can be found throughout the acetate temples, ranging from a modern checkered blend to a classic warm tortoise. Like the inaugural release, the titanium bridge maintains a featherlight feel, while the titanium wire core brings durability and flexibility to the frame.


In addition to the Beta 100 eyeglasses, the Spring release introduces 24 new lens shapes to the collection for a total of 48 patterns. As a customizable collection, each patient can pair one of the 48 temple designs with the lens shape of their choice, making for a total of 2,304 possible combinations. While the Beta 100 eyeglasses introduce a new screwed hinge design, the standard 2-hole compression mount remains, ensuring a lasting connection between the lens and chassis.


Like the inaugural release, the Beta 100 eyeglasses are meant to be displayed as a full collection, allowing customers to explore each possible combination as they create their custom frame. Once they find that perfect pairing, a patient order is placed, and the drill patterns are included for their chosen shape.


About Tocco Eyewear

Est. in 2023, Tocco Eyewear is a customizable collection focused on simplifying the complexity of rimless eyewear. A wide range of lens shapes and colors ensure a style to suit any patient, while a 2-hold compression mount ensures ease of drilling for retailers. From Studio Optyx, Tocco Eyewear is part of a long-running family business that’s been dedicated to the craft of beautiful eyewear for 145 years.

About Studio Optyx

Studio Optyx is a family-owned design and manufacturing house of premium, luxury eyewear home to three in-house brands, Erkers1879, NW77th, and Tocco, and two distributor brands, Monoqool and ba&sh. With 144 years and 5 generations of optical excellence, Studio Optyx has aimed to achieve an unparalleled level of quality craftsmanship, focusing on a range of timeless and contemporary designs with only the highest quality of materials.

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