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Orgeen Optics Danish Delight


Within the intimate confines of the Ørgeen Studios in Copenhagen, Petra Kleis’ artistry with light and shadow has adeptly captured the essence of Orgeen Optics’ “Danish Delight” campaign. The imagery showcases two models, each embodying a blend of sophistication and intellectualism, accentuated by contemporary eyewear frames and colorful designed attire. The deliberate play of light not only enhances the depth of colors but also elegantly defines the silhouettes of our titanium and acetate collections. The personality of each pair of glasses is intensified by the contrast of light, while the models’ gazes suggest untold stories behind each design. This collection, including our esteemed Quantum High and HAVN series, is a celebration of craftsmanship and minimal design, featuring frames that are as functional as they are aesthetically appealing—perfect for the discerning and elegant contemporary set. Each photograph stands as a statement of style, an invitation to experience the everyday quality that Orgeen Optics offers.



About Ørgreen Optics

Ørgreen is an international designer eyewear brand from Copenhagen in Denmark which makes premium eyewear using high-end materials. Known for its dynamic designs and technical precision, Ørgreen sculpts handmade frames with unique color combinations that last a lifetime.

A little more than two decades ago, three friends from Copenhagen – Henrik Ørgreen, Gregers Fastrup, and Sahra Lysell – started their own eyewear label, Ørgreen Optics. Their aim? Design timeless-looking frames for quality-conscious people across the globe. It’s been a long journey since 1997, but a worthwhile one as the brand now enjoys international fame, with eyewear designs available in more than fifty countries worldwide. The company currently has its headquarters in the beautiful Ørgreen Studios in the heart of Copenhagen and a separate office in Berkley, California which runs operations for the North American market. Despite their ongoing growth, Ørgreen Optics still possesses an entrepreneurial culture, with determined and passionate people.

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