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The South Declares Independence – SIOS 2024


With Vision Expo just a week away, comes news of a new optical show. This show is designed specifically for optometrists and opticians in the southern part of the country.

On April 20, 2024, the Southern Independent Optical Show, or SIOS, will hold its premier event at Frisco Hall, in Frisco Texas, a suburb of Dallas. SIOS is the brainchild of Alexandra Peng and Leo Zupan, the CEO’s of TC Charton and Laibach & York. “I travel the country showing our line, and there are distinct differences between buyers in Detroit and buyers in Dallas”, said Laibach & York CEO Leo Zupan. “We want to bring the best of independent lines to Dallas for one day and give buyers in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, or anywhere in the south for that matter, a wonderful curated experience.”

“We not only want to bring the best lineup of eyewear but some great education and roundtable discussions as to how independent optical can not only survive today’s environment but thrive” added TC Charton’s Founder, Alexandra Peng. “I don’t think any single one of us has all the answers, but combined, our strength and determination will show through”.

“I am very excited about this new show”, said Darlene Grubbs, of Peepers Eyewear in Dallas, Texas. “This will be the first time the best in independent optical will all come to Texas to show their wares, side by side, and we couldn’t be more excited”.

TC Charton is headquartered in Dallas while Laibach&York has its North American headquarters there as well. For more information on how brands may participate, visit siopticalshow.com.

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