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Must Taste in Wenzhou

Start the Journey of Your Stomach Right Now

           The Food Guide of Wenzhou


From breakfast to supper, from dessert to late snack, people are always obsessed with tasting new foods. Food represents the personality of a city. If you want to get to know a city, the most direct and deep way is to get involved in its restaurants and snack shops. As an international city, apparently, you can find any kinds of food in Wenzhou. No matter of economic snacks or decent meals, Wenzhou definitely can offer your stomach an unforgettable journey. You can always find your taste in the city even if you are hard to be pleased, because the local people in Wenzhou are so picky about the food that normal restaurant can't last for a long time.


The Mix City Shopping Mall

Wenzhou has a series of business hubs, where converge different types of foods. In Wanxiang City, there are numerous restaurants providing various types of foods for you. If you have no idea where to start your journey of exploring foods in Wenzhou, it could be your first place to go. In there, in terms of Chinese foods, it has Sichuan cuisine (spicy flavor), Guangzhou cuisine (bland flavor), Xinjiang cuisine (salty flavor), Shanxi cuisine (spicy flavor), Hangzhou cuisine (sweet flavor), Beijing roast duck, different types of hot pots (spicy or bland flavor) and characteristic dessert stores. In addition, it has a quite number of foreign foods including Japanese food, Korean food, Indian food and Italian food. Of course, steak, BBQ and fast food won't be missing in the mall.


Wuma street (IN CHINESE 五马街)

If you are looking for economic local snacks, there is no doubt that Wuma street (IN CHINESE 五马街) must be your destination. Specifically, the area around Wuma street is where you need to explore. The restaurants are quite scattered but you would be able to find authentic local foods and cuisines in this area.



If you have a daylong time to enjoy the food, here is a 24-hour guide of Wenzhou food for you.

Breakfast 6:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Glutinous Rice

As one of the traditional Wenzhou breakfasts, glutinous rice would be the first choice for Wenzhou folks. Because it caters to people's tastes from different age and it's convenient and time-saving before work time. You can't imagine how delicious glutinous rice and you must not miss it since it has become the TOP 1 breakfast for picky Wenzhou people.


Rice Noodle

Rice noodle with broth sobers your stomach to start your day. The taste is like breeze, which is warm and refreshing. If you can't stand salty food, just go for this.



The history of Huntun has lasted for thousand years. The wrapper is thin as a paper and the inner meat filling is tasty enough for you to want another bowl. Besides, the soup maintains the essence of the food.


Baozi (steamed stuffed bun)

Wenzhou Baozi has thin wrapper and abundant meat filling. Just have a bite, the juice of the meat filling will flow out.


Qingjiang Three Seafood Noodle

The seafood noodle is so fresh that you won't fell the fishy smell of the seafood. And don't forget to drink the soup.


Lunch 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Fish Ball

Another traditional Wenzhou food is fish ball. You won't be able to find it in any other places except for Wenzhou. The soup is a little bit sour.


Pork Ribs Noodle

This is a good choice for safe player if you are not ready for unknown local food.


Knocked Fish Meat with Three Shreds

Wenzhou people invented numerous ways to eat fish. Knocked fish meat is one of the most creative way to deal with fish. The fish meat is elastic like a spring when you chew it.


Tangyuan (Sweet dumplings)

This is a good choice for sweet tooth. Inside of the Tangyuan, there is sesame.


Duck's Tongue

If you want to try something really peculiar, go to challenge this duck's tongue. Maybe it's unfamiliar or even horrible to you, it's many Wenzhou people's favorite food. Have a try and you won't regret it, my warrior!


Tea Time 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Dengzhan Cake

It's a typical street food in Wenzhou. There are pork, egg and radish inside. But my favorite part is its crust which is crispy and delicious.


Lard Cake

It's made of glutinous rice and sugar. It becomes soft on the inside and crispy on the outside after being fried.


Bean Curd Jelly

Actually, it has two flavor, sweet and salty. Personally, I prefer the sweet flavor. The bean curd jelly is soft and not greasy.


Almond Tofu

It's the best dessert in the summer time in Whenzhou. There are many kinds of fruits in this dessert. It's worth nothing that even though it's named Almond Tofu, it doesn't have almond inside.


Wheat Cake

It's a kind of traditional meat cake in Wenzhou. It's simple but tasty.


Night Snack After 10:00 PM

Noodle with Pig's Viscera

Another peculiar food for adventurers. But once you try it, you will definitely fall in love with its special taste.


Fried Snacks

Every food can be fried in Wenzhou. You will find their brand-new taste from their original taste with its method of dealing with food.


Fried Vermicelli

It's a kind of dry noodle in Wenzhou. When you are hungry at night, you might go for it immediately.


Fried Dumpling

Another famous fried food in Wenzhou is fried dumpling. It smells so great that even if you are not hungry you can't resist its temptation.


Wenzhou is a city filled with exclusive extraordinary food waiting for you to discover! Don't be afraid of trying new things otherwise you will miss a lot of fun and delicacy.