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13th WOF Probe into Yingtan’s Glasses Market
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Recently, Mr. Miaoshou Su, Manager of 13th WOF (13th Wenzhou Int’l Optics Fair, China) and Mr. Zhigang Tao, Chief Editor of Optical Manufacturing Guide investigated glasses market of Jiangxi Yingtan. During the trip, they visited enterprises of Yingtan Glasses Industrial Park, like Yingtan Hengdeli Metal Material Co., Ltd., exchanged ideas with staffs from local Glasses Administrative Commission, and finally got a more comprehensive insight of this renowned ‘Hometown of Glasses’.

Regarded as an important glasses industrial cluster in China, Yingtan has established a Glasses Industrial Park in Yujiang where the glasses industrial chain is comparatively complete and sales & manufacture teams are maturely developed. In 2013, Taiwan Contour Optik INC. set down one of its manufactories in this Park, with its leading patented innovative technology and advanced modern manufacturing equipment. Additionally, manufactories, like Hengtong Optics in Jiangxi Province, Yuanyang Glasses in Zhejiang Province, Jinyu Plastic Products in Zhejiang Province and Zhengxiang Glasses in Jiangxi Province, relocated their manufactories in this park. 

It is also learned from this market investigation that almost all eyewear products that Yingtan glasses market have been selling are from Taizhou, Zhejiang, ranging from optical glasses, packing accessories, spare parts, lens, contract lens and etc. Moreover, Yingtan International
Glasses City, which is under construction, providing one-stop solutions for sales and manufacture, will become the largest trading revenue among traders from Jiangxi Province and its neighboring areas. 

Moreover, the Organizer of 13th WOF exchanged opinions with Mr. Yun Tao, vice chairman of Yingtan Glasses Administrative Committee, and the deputy governor of Yujiang County and sincerely invited the Yintang Glasses Industrial Cluster to participate in the fair. For more details, please visit: or our wechat: WOF-China.

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