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WOF Achieved Good Result in Duqiao
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20th, organizers of WOF paid a visit to Duqiao, Taizhou (going to create China Sunglasses Production Base), in order to promote the 13th WOF in 2015. The group from WOF called on Linhai Optical Industry Association to discuss the development in optics industry.

As one of the largest glasses production base in China, Duqiao optics industry has a history of 30 years and has shaped a relatively intact industry chain and a regional industry with features and influence. According to incompletely statistics, the production value of Duqiao optics industry in 2013 reaches to more than 4 billion which is increased compared with 2012.The export value reaches USD 320 millionwhich covers 70% output value of Duqiao optics industry. The product ranges from spectacle frame, glasses case, optics resin piece, sunglasses, presbyopic glasses, equipment and so on and their market share in Europe and America increases rapidly.

Both WOF and Linhai association are market oriented and aim at reaching a win-win situation. The association helps their member companies to go international through WOF. Since 2005, the association has been a firm friend and partner of WOF and brought their members to join WOF. The organizer pays high attention to this association and endeavors to provide the  exhibitors from Linhai more sources to ensure efficiency of exhibiting at WOF. Besides Linhai, WOF also cooperates with other optics manufacturing bases and professional markets in China, like Shenzhen, Xiamen, Linhai, Xinhe and etc to provide buyers a whole optical industrial chain.

WOF achieved a good result this time. There are 15 members from Duqiao Optical Industry Association like Taizhou Jiulong Optical Co., Ltd., Taizhou Zhengda Optic Co., Ltd., Taizhou Meidiya Glasses Co., Ltd. and etc. signed booth application contracts which occupied more than 50 booths. Besides, guests likeZhejiang Shengying Optical Glasses Co., Ltd., Hainan Jinggong Zhejiang Branchand so on show great interests and will make decision soon.

In order to increase the popularity of WOF and display more fine products, the organizer of WOF will take efforts to visit more production bases and professional markets in China and abroad for the purpose of establishing cooperation relationship. The principle of WOF is to build an international, professional trade platform of large scale for optical insiders and lead to
orderly development of optics industry.

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