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"Wherever the glasses existed, there would be Yingtan people"
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Jiangxi Yingtan is a famous hometown of glasses. It is a smart new city with unique charm of landscape and full of commercial opportunities. It is called “The train pulled to city.” In this land, a pair of exquisite glasses is shaking the rapid rise of a traditional industry, writing a new era of the optical industry.

Long history glasses culture

"A pair of burdens flying all over the sky, walking through Guangdong to the west of Liaoning." This is a doggerel that has been circulated in the local. As early as more than 200 years ago during the Jiaqing period of the Qing Dynasty, there was a glasses processing workshop and a sales association in Zhongtong Town. In Yujiang Town, with a population of only 380,000, there are more than 50,000 people engaged in glasses sales at home and abroad. The footprints are all over the country and more than 40 countries and regions such as the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Indonesia, and foreign trade outlets have 310. More than 60 Yingtan Optical Chambers Associations across the country, involving more than 2,980 cities at home and abroad. it can be said that wherever the glasses existed, there would be Yingtan people

Flourishing industry development

Yingtan Yujiang Optical Industrial Park was founded in 2002, after more than 10 years of development, now has more than 150 glasses manufacturing enterprises and more than 10,000 industrial workers. It has introduced Taiwan famous optical trader Howard Optical (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd. Wenzhou optical industry raw material leading enterprise Hengdeli Metal Materials Co ., Ltd. Jin Yu Plastic Products Co., Ltd. China's reading glasses famous brand Sunset Red Wancheng Optical Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai large-scale industry and trade company Lingxiu Glasses Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Hong Kong-owned enterprises Huaqing Glasses, Zhongao Plastic, Jiaqi Lens, Hong Kong Arts Group, Jingwei Glasses and other enterprises.


Yujiang Yuegang Optical Industrial Park built with the second phase of 100,000 square meters standard factory building, more than 20 enterprises such as Guangdong, Hong Kong and Shanghai has been assigned. The third phase expansion of the 150,000 square meters standard factory has now entered more than 20 companies including Zhongao Plastic, Jiaqi Lens, Keqiang Lens, Lansheng Optics, Shengbang Glasses, Qi Tai Optics and Qianyuan Glasses. The planned land area for the fourth phase is more than 300 acres. The government will invest in the construction of standard factory buildings and the purchase of land for self-built factories. Planning to build 250,000 square meters of factory buildings.


The Longgang Metal Surface Treatment Center covering an area of more than 400 acres, which has been assigned many high-middle and low-grade electroplating enterprises such as Qianse Technology, Zhicheng Electroplating, Hejufeng Electroplating, Changlong Electroplating, etc., effectively meeting the electroplating production needs of optical enterprises. Now it has formed a characteristic industrial cluster integrating raw materials, product research and development, manufacturing and processing, cultural display and trade flows. The industry clusters of glasses accessories, lenses, electroplating, finished glasses and equipment manufacturing have cooperated with each other and have become an important influence in the country. The production base of glasses, and won the title of the country's first professional foreign trade transformation and upgrading demonstration base in the optical industry.

With foresight to describe a blueprint 

In order to promote the development of the optical industry, Yingtan City established the Yingtan (Yujiang) Optical Industry Park Management Committee, and plans to build Yingtan International Glasses City from a high starting point, covering an area of 400 acres, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan and a construction area of 450,000 square meters. It is a national glasses wholesale & retail base and an international trade display base with glasses wholesale & retail as the core industry, supplemented by glasses culture tourism, with logistics, warehousing, business office, R&D training, and special exhibitions. With Yingtan becoming the only NB-IoT business pilot city in the country, the optical industry as a traditional characteristic industry has ushered in the development opportunity of intelligent high-end informationization, Yijing e-commerce platform, which can give the mall, M2C Plus O2O, vertical e-commerce public entrepreneurial sharing platform, and Dada Smart Cloud Vision System successfully launched online operation, Yingtan has already built a blueprint with unlimited prospects, which has set a higher pedal for the next step. The largest glasses museum in China - Yingtan World Glasses Museum, with a construction area of 3,700 square meters, introduces the history of world glasses development, shows the collection of precious glasses in ancient and modern China and foreign countries, and records the trajectory of Yingtan glasses. Let more people understand the origin of glasses, the relationship with human life and the future direction of development.

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