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Wenzhou · China
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Wenzhou –the World's Most Concentrated Place with High Quality Eyewear Manufacturers
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Wenzhou optical industry started in the early 1980s. After more than 30 years of pioneering and innovation, it has formed an export-oriented regional economy with flexible mechanism, high degrees of industrial correlation and clear division of labor. The optical manufacturing industrial chain includes raw materials, spare parts supplies, manufacturing equipments, electroplating, auxiliary processing, and finished eyeglasses production.  A number of enterprises with international standards in the aspects of product designing, manufacturing technology, management processes, and trade services have emerged.

At present, there are totally more than 1000 optical relevant enterprises including about 700 eyeglasses manufacturing enterprises and other accessories supporting enterprises. Among them, there are more than 70 eyeglasses manufacturing enterprises with an annual output value of more than 20 million Yuan, and more than 30 eyeglasses factories with a number of over 300 workers. The number of annual output of eyeglasses is more than 1 billion pairs. Products are mainly exported to countries all over the world. Wenzhou City became the first eyeglasses producing area awarded the title of “China Eyewear Production Base” in 2003; Ouhai District of Wenzhou city was awarded the title of “National Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading (Spectacles) Demonstration Base” in 2014.


Wenzhou is not only the most concentrated eyewear manufacturing base with high-quality factories in China and even the world, but also the fastest quality improving and most prosperous eyewear production area in China and even the world.  The proportion of Wenzhou eyeglasses in the global optical trade market is increasing day by day.  It has become the main source of procurement for international brand opticians and mainstream chain stores in Europe and America.


Wenzhou Optical Industry has a complete supply chain covering finished eyeglasses, lenses, metal materials, non-metallic materials, metal fittings, non-metallic fittings, molds, accessories, processing, electroplating, packaging, equipment and tools, services and many other optical manufacturing segmentation areas.

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