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Ready Stock - Wenzhou Optical Foreign Trade New Trend
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For years, Wenzhou Optical Manufacturing takes a consistent exploration approach to stable development. Forging ahead on a new path, Wenzhou Optical Manufacturing is seeking market transformation from a low-cost strategy to target the high-end market. A sharp increase of Wenzhou Ready Stock Market is a remarkable vision of China Optical Industry and has become the new trend of the Wenzhou Optical Foreign Trade.

Ready Stock refers to the finished product which optical manufacturers produced according to the market trend. With the advantage of “Shortest Lead Time”, “Numerous free-choices” and “Frequent Popular Series”, Ready Stock is increasingly welcomed by the businessmen. The trading companies and customers particularly liked its fashionable design, various styles and reasonable price. As the major optical-manufacturing export hub in east China Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou Ready Stock enterprises have made a commitment to deliver the highest quality products and enhance its brand influence. Informed by current technologies and latest fashion design, they strive for perfection in service and product.

Wenzhou Ready Stock enterprises have notable accomplishments in many aspects. They have developed an unique design, high-quality standard and efficient delivery in new product development and delivery section. They generate two creative solutions to complex quality control problems. Plan A is the Trading Company + Factory Mode. The distributor can monitor the whole-process including material, manufacturing progress and quality control, which means timely delivery and stable quality products. Plan B is the Self-production + Purchasing Mode. Stable supply & demand relationship is established through long-term cooperation, it also  guarantees high quality products. These two different modes have the same goal - providing superior quality products for customers.

The Ready Stock Model strengthens the development of Wenzhou Foreign Trade to the production & trade integration business, and presents an opportunity to push the optical industry transformation and upgrading.

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