Why 15th WOF?

1. Wenzhou—China Glasses Manufacturing Base
Wenzhou is the most potential Glasses Production Base in China providing medium and high-end eyewear manufacturing and OEM service. Through 30-year's development, it has already owned approximately 1000 manufactories, with over 100 thousand staff.Its export reached nearly 800 million USD and Ouhai District of Wenzhou is titled as "National Glasses Foreign-trade Reform & Upgrade Demonstration Base".

2. Active Involvement of China's Glasses Industrial Cluster
The overwhelming advantage of 15th WOF is the attendance of China Glasses Industrial Clusters including 4 China Glasses Production Bases – Wenzhou, Danyang, Shenzhen and Xiamen. As well as China Glasses Spare Parts Production Base – Yuhuan, China Sunglass Manufacturing Cluster – Linhai, China Glasses Packing Manufacturing Cluster – Xinhe and Hometown of Glasses – Yingtan.

3. 14-year's Experience in Holding Optics Fair
After its first successful debut in 2003, WOF has held 14 sessions. With 14-year's experience, WOF is more mature in exhibitors, visitors and service invitation.